Sugercane Bagasse

•Moisture: <13%
•MKRiver offers high-quality silage products designed to enhance the health & performance of dairy cows which improve digestibility to help increase milk production of dairy cows.
•The entire corn plant at 60-75 days interval, typically harvested at a whole plant moisture content of 65-70%. We use of pineapple waste as additive to ensilage. Up to 50% of the dry matter of corn silage is grain corn. Was collected and chopped into 2-3 cm. Lengths and mixed with different level of pineapple waste. The chopped corn plants was directly packed in airtight plastic bags 0,15-0,17 mm in thickness.  Our products are free from chemical additives gave good preserved corn silage (ph <4 ; moisture of 65-70% ) 
•We can offer silage products tailored to fit your individual needs.
•STORAGE CONDITIONS: In an airy, dry, cool and clean place.
•PACKAGING: 600 kgs in jumbo bag and 24 tons – 26 tons in container 40hc
•DELIVERY DETAIL:10-15 days after received deposit or L/C